September 5, 2022

Prepare for the next stage of your tech career with this cybersecurity sales guide

Cyber security is a huge growth area in business today. The worldwide information security market is forecast to reach $366.1 billion in 2028.

The proliferation of cloud-based operations because of remote working trends, more and more highly sensitive data stored online, a lack of adequate data protection, the popularity of cryptocurrencies, and the vulnerabilities caused by increased bandwidth to connected devices due to 5G…reports suggest that all these things are making cybercrime far more widespread.

Breaches and hacks are headline news

A 2021 LinkedIn data breach exposed the personal information of 700 million users or about 93 percent of all LinkedIn members. Personal data belonging to more than 100 million Android users was exposed in a 2021 data leak due to misconfigured cloud services.

Even the most powerful figures can’t escape cybercrime. A 2020 Twitter breach targeted 130 accounts including those of past U.S. presidents and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, resulting in attackers swindling millions in Bitcoin through hundreds of transactions. Uber, Marriot and the NHS have also been targeted.

Major damage to operations, infrastructure and reputation means cyberattacks come at a very high cost.

Increasing cyber security risks drive demand for cyber security solutions – and experts

According to Accenture, 68 percent of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. In an effort to mitigate the risk of cyberattack and exploitation, companies are keen to invest in new cybersecurity services, tactics, tools and technologies.

For the cybersecurity solutions market, this presents a major window of opportunity – but it needs cyber security sales talent to capitalise on convert all those leads.

Skills shortages in the cyber security sector are reported to have doubled since 2014, exacerbated by Brexit. Lack of in-house resource is leading many companies to seek out new technology like artificial intelligence, automation and analytics to speed up security processes and take some of the pressure off their workforce.

A prime time to move into a cyber security sales career

Do you work in technology or IT sales and have an interest in selling cyber security? Or perhaps you work in sales in another sector but the booming world of cybersecurity appeals to your ambitious nature? You may be working in cybersecurity already but wish to move into a more customer-facing role, where you get to learn about all the latest innovations.

If this sounds like you, you’ll want to brush up on your cyber security sales knowledge. The Cyber Bench is a tech recruitment company that specialises in recruiting for cyber security experts and people seeking tech careers.

We’re here to share best practice and wisdom, supporting cyber security job seekers in more ways than just helping them find their dream role.

Top 10 tips for cyber security sales

Get ready to impress your potential employer (and potential prospects) with these tech industry and cyber security sales tips:

  • Build target customer profiles to help strategic lead generation – when you have an ideal customer persona in mind, you can better focus your sales efforts on leads that are more likely to convert

  • Position yourself as a cybersecurity consultant/educator and regularly promote that expertise online and offline (e.g. on LinkedIn, at events) to build and maintain a wide network – and cultivate leads

  • Take time to establish your prospects’ priorities during initial interactions

  • Ask questions that reveal cybersecurity needs they didn’t know they had and show them how your product solves those challenges

  • Use value to sell your product or services. Focus on how your product enables your prospects’ business. Explain the danger of cyberattacks and the repercussions but don’t lean too heavily on the fear factor and horror stories

  • Don’t assume your prospect has a technical knowledge of your product – pitch a benefits overview at their level

  • Demonstrate and understanding of the practical, regulatory and compliance requirements of various industries e.g. healthcare, law, education

  • Give product demos that sell the value of your product – the goal is not to show your prospect everything they could possibly do with your product, rather to show them why they should care

  • Never offer more than the product can deliver or you might get a reputation for being untruthful – honesty pays in the long run

  • Counter any price objection by explaining the costly repercussions of cyber attacks and how much it might cost their company if they don’t buy your product

A successful cybersecurity sales rep adapts to the fast-moving, ever-changing threats posed by cyber criminals with proactive and consistent learning.

Ready to take the next step in your tech or cyber security sales career?

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