Reduce your cybersecurity recruitment costs by using experts in go-to-market talent acquisition

With the ongoing challenge of recruiting cybersecurity GTM staff, are you tired of paying for candidates that don’t work out? Weary of trusting recruiters that make promises they can’t keep? Are your cybersecurity recruitment costs too high?

Here is our alternative risk-free solution:


At The Cyber Bench, we use our extensive experience in go-to-market cybersecurity recruitment in conjunction with our unique ‘Pay-On-Performance’ approach to help you find the best, long-term candidates and reduce your financial risk.

Whether you are recruiting for cybersecurity sales jobs, marketing jobs or customer success jobs, we can help.

How is it different?

As the name suggests, you only pay if the candidate performs.

  • Day 1 — we charge only 10% of our fee when the candidate starts in their role

  • Rebate — if the candidate leaves before three months, we’ll provide a full rebate of your 10% payment

  • After 6 months — we bill the remaining 90% of our fee once the candidate has been in their role for six months

We are confident this model will benefit your organisation — as a go-to-market cybersecurity recruitment consultancy we are fully invested in ensuring we recruit and place the right candidates because what works for you, works for us.

Talk to us today to gain access to the best cybersecurity go-to-market talent in the UK, EMEA and the United States.

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