January 23, 2023

Hire better cybersecurity salespeople with these talent acquisition strategies

If climate change is the biggest threat to the physical world, cyber security the biggest threat to the virtual world. In a rapidly expanding digital reality, organisations and consumers alike must navigate the online space with extreme diligence and caution.

Highlighting the scale of the issue was a major cybersecurity event that took place in late 2022. The White House hosted the International Counter Ransomware Summit, bringing together top security officials from across the US, Europe and other nations. Also in attendance were well-known cybersecurity and technology companies, such as Microsoft and the Cyber Threat Alliance.

Cybersecurity business opportunities are abundant

There is a global fight against cyber criminals happening and innovation is the greatest defence. Constantly evolving cybersecurity technology, systems and tools are central to the battle against cyber attackers – so international investment is booming.

Does your organisation design, develop and/or produce cyber protection solutions? Then you know that talented cyber security salespeople are critical to optimising this era of uber-opportunity.

Strategic hiring practices are essential

Are you struggling to recruit and asking how to hire the best employees? The Cyber Bench is a cyber security sales recruitment agency based in the UK, and we are hearing from more and more business owners and managers like you, looking for ways to attract the bright stars that will convert a bounty of leads for their cybersecurity company.

Cybersecurity is a complex and highly competitive sales area. Buyers are bamboozled by choice, often confused by technical detail and legislation…and your salesperson probably won’t be the first person that’s called them about cyber defence today. So, you’ll be looking for skilled communicators with solid product knowledge as well as powers of persuasion – and that all-important tenacity.

Recruitment tips and employee recruiting ideas for cybersecurity companies

Take note of these top 5 talent acquisition strategies from our cyber security sales recruitment specialists, so your business can hire better cybersecurity salespeople in 2023…

First-rate cybersecurity salespeople will usually have some cutting-edge brands in their portfolio – and they’ll only be looking to enhance that with every career move they make. When you interview high calibre individual contributors and sales leaders, be ready to show them how amazing your cybersecurity products/services are with sales figures, case studies and testimonials.

Give examples of how other salespeople within your company are impressing Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Security Officers, Heads of IT, and IT Managers to exceed their sales quota and earn both kudos and commission. The Cyber Bench can answer your questions around how to attract qualified applicants, helping you find ways to inspire candidate confidence in your cybersecurity brand.

70% of the workforce is made up of passive candidates that aren’t actively seeking work, so you’re fishing in a talent pool of active job seekers, you’re reducing your chances of finding top cybersecurity salespeople down to just 30%. All those ‘fish’ in the 70% could have the skills and experience your business needs to grow and thrive.

Passive recruitment is one of best ways to source candidates and The Cyber Bench can help you locate them. Together, we’ll proactively ‘sell in’ the role to them. Even if they aren’t ready to come and work for your business right now, when they do eventually become active jobseekers, they are much more likely to reach to your company before your competitors.

When it comes to product development and campaign strategy, competitor research is a cornerstone of any business success. However, when it comes to hiring strategies, it’s surprising how seldom it comes in to play.

Our cybersecurity experts have loads of insight into the industry to share with you, including ways you can find out more about how your competitors are attracting top talent and why those candidates might be choosing to work for your rivals instead of you.

You wouldn’t oversell your products and then underdeliver, so why would you do this when recruiting? 90% of potential applicants drop out of the recruitment process at Fortune 500 firms because of a frustrating application process.

Why is it frustrating? Because of lack of transparency around responsibilities, career development prospects, working hours/locations, benefits, culture, salary and other job criteria. Talent acquisition best practices also insist on clear communication, so keep the conversation flowing with regular updates and absolute honesty.

Despite the negative impact of the pandemic, there was a silver lining. Many businesses learned that they could operate remotely. Not only did it maintain ‘business as usual’ in uncertain times, but many sectors also reported higher levels of productivity and workers said their wellbeing improved.

As such, remote or hybrid working is here to stay. Our conversations with jobseekers show that most candidates expect the option these days. Show your candidates how your business accommodates flexible working hours and locations. There’s another massive benefit here for your business – you can recruit from anywhere, not just locally. That talent pool just became an ocean.

Get help to ramp up your sales recruitment at a time of major demand

Interest and investment in cybersecurity services, tactics, tools and technologies happening worldwide. Outsource your cyber security sales recruitment to our experts and we’ll help you fill Individual Contributor Roles, Sales Leadership Roles, C-Suite Executive Roles and everything in between.

Choose from our contingent, retained and campaign recruitment solutions and prepare to meet the screened and qualified cybersecurity salespeople that will make your business even bigger and better in an era of golden opportunity.

To discuss your requirements and develop more successful recruiting strategies in 2023, get in touch with The Cyber Bench today.